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Mark & Glenn Giammalvo are contributing writers for the National Publication: 
Motor Age Magazine. Click on the links below to see some of their articles.
Index of Motor Age Articles

Wanted: Good Health Insurance Provider     pdf icon

Phantom Stall          pdf icon

Read The Fine Print     pdf icon Nothing But The Best Of Care
The Intermittent MPV     pdf icon
My Version
Electrical Intermittents Part 2
Terminal Neglect.
The Haunted Cirrus
Red Alert.
The Intermittent Nissan.
It Will Change The Way You...
Driveline Diagnosis & Repair.
Let's Take The Highroad.
Electrical Intermittents.
Reality Check.
The Hesitating Jimmy.

The Secretive Escort.

The Hidden Light Caravan.

The Intermittent Lebaron.

The Intermittent Lincoln.

The Intermittent Honda.

The New Yorker That Wouldn't.