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Subject: Morning Coffee 
Date:   Wed, 11 Oct 2000 16:09:17 -0400 
From:  "Daniel M. Bizarro" <> 

Dear Sam, 
It will make a year in Dec. that we bought our Honda sedan from you and 
are very delighted with the vehicle.  Also everyone is so nice in all 
departments, especially Glen and Mark. Two of the nicest people there who 
take the time to talk to a customer in the service dept. in answering 
their questions. 
My wife drives the Honda mostly and is very happy.  I have a 91 SUV but would certainly be happier with one of  your almost new SUV's.  Oh well maybe someday. 
The only thing I would suggest is to have some sort of coffee pot for customers who are waiting for their vehicle being serviced in the a.m. 

That's all. 

Thank you Sam and take care.  Mr. B. 

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