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                                                                        Dec   19, 2000 
Sam Giammalvo's Auto Sales 


Dear Sam: 
           We would like to thank you and Mark for the assistance you gave us, a couple of weeks ago when we had the mechanical problems. [transmission failure] 
            We include everyone from the top of your company to the gentlemen in the service dept. who made the pickup and exchange of autos during the beginning of the adventure until the car was returned to us yesterday. 
            We appreciate your generosity and understanding offered to us. Your reputation is well deserved. 
             May you all enjoy the coming holidays and have a healthy and prosperous new year. 

                                                                      Thankfully Yours, 
                                                                          Ernest Andrews 

Sam Giammalvo's Auto Sales, Inc.
1476 Purchase Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: (508) 999-3213
FAX: (508) 999-1343
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