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Subject: Sam & Staff  
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:32:55 -0400 
 My sister and I started out a couple of weeks ago looking for a car.  I already knew what I had in mind, a Camry.  I went on the internet and saw 2 Camry's at 2 different dealerships. I went to the first one because it was close to my office and spent 2 hours to no avail due to price. I was quoted a price and the salesman said I was in his range.  We stayed, made out paperwork and took the car for a test drive. When the salesman came back from talking to his manager it was 5,000 over my offer.  My sister and I then left. I was very aggravated at that point. 

Second dealer, was Sam's, I must say when I got there I was very irate from the other dealership and Sam was so helpful in calming me down.  I told him what I went through, we spoke a while and then I told him I was interested in a Camry I saw on his web site.  I then told him the price I was able to afford and right away I asked him if I was in the ball park and he said yes and took us to his office. 
Sam gave me a figure within a very short period of time, I agreed and purchased the vehicle.  They installed an alarm system which I never had before and Mark (his son)  explained how it worked and all the features on the car.  I have bought many cars and have never been treated as well as at Sam's.  I called one Sunday and Sam answered because I had a question about the alarm system.  I was very surprised he was there, I thought I would leave a message.  Sam answered my question and asked me how I like the car and if they were any problems.  I thought that was very unusual for a dealership, but, that's Sam's. 

I work for a very large communication corporation and all the people are aware of the service and helpful staff that Sam has. 

Thanks to all, 

Gail Bouffard 
Verizon Communications 


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