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Subject: My Dream Car
Date: Saturday, May 08, 2004 10:48 AM


I would just like to tell everyone how easy it is to buy a car from Sam.

I was dreading buying a new car ...actually I was dreading going to a
dealer and having to spend hours there with a salesman who has to leave
every 15 minutes to go talk to the finance manager.

Let's just say " I did take the drive" [to a local new car dealer] and left 2 hours later with a salesman trying to put an extra year on my financing just to get it where I wanted it!

At Sam's, my payment was $100 less a month and no extra years to finance. (My APR was also less than the other dealership). I got a 2003 Passat for less than a 2004 Jetta.  

I ran to Sam's and I am so glad I did....I have been recommending Sam's to everyone!!

Thanks, Laureen Brown.


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