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 Dear Sam,

Thank you again for a most positive car buying experience. As you know, this is our 3rd purchase from you and we are happy to see that nothing has changed. It is a pleasure to deal with a person who is not only knowledgeable and reputable, but who is also a man of integrity and honesty with a genuine concern for his customers. For a customer dealing with you for the first time, we offer the following:

1.    Don't expect to get the lowest price in town. You will pay close to the NADA value for the car, BUT you will get a low mileage vehicle in pristine condition with a known history and deal with a man who will stand behind the sale for long after the transaction has been made. We honestly believe that Sam is more concerned about maintaining his stellar reputation than he is in selling you the car.

2.    Don't think that because you are dealing with a single salesperson that you are somehow going to be able to play games in the negotiation process. Sam has forgotten more about car sales than you will ever know.

3.    Don't expect to be subjected to high pressure sales tactics or undisclosed last minute surprises such as prep. charges or documentation fees. There aren't any!

4.    Do expect to be treated in a fair, professional, courteous manner by all the people who work here. From Glenn and the other mechanics to the office staff to Sam, all are committed to making you a happy and satisfied customer.

5.    Do expect that all of the paperwork will be handled correctly and quickly by Rosie and the other office people. They are extremely knowledgeable in what they do and will go out of their way to accommodate your needs, including going to the RMV, contacting your insurance company, credit union etc.

6.    Do expect your car to be ready to go on time and after a rigorous examination. If there is something that needs attention, rest assured it will be taken care of. Sam will not release the car until he is satisfied that it is in top notch condition. (In 2000 we bought a car and we were told we had to wait an extra day because he had sent it out to have a scratch on the underside of the rear bumper fixed. When we said don't worry about it, it's underneath, who is ever going to even know, Sam replied: "I would").

To conclude, if you enjoy the hassle of back and fourth haggling with multiple people, high pressure sales tactics, continually changing numbers, last minute surprise add-ons, constantly changing staff and sales people, broken promises, poor after sale service and the old "come back and we'll beat your best price" then this is not the place for you. However, if you wish to purchase a top quality low mileage vehicle and if you want to be treated professionally and honestly with genuine respect and consideration for your needs then come here and talk to Sam.

You'll be glad you did!

 Bob & Gail Clark



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