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Clark letter  For a customer dealing with you for the first time, we offer the following...
email"Thanks for being there and responding, even though you knew there was
nothing in it for you"
"I was very impressed by your comprehensive and logical approach to solving the problem..."
email  "Just wanted to let you know that the car is still running well and is 20 years old this year.."
email "I was dreading buying a new car..."

email "An authorized Ford dealer and a respected shop could not do what Mark's article did. Thanks again."
"I must say when I got there I was very irate from the other dealership and Sam was so helpful in calming me down."
"I was very surprised, in this day and age, that someone in your position would go so far as to rectify the problem..." 
"Your reputation is well deserved..."
"You are all awesome..."
"Everyone is so Nice"
"I must say that I have never enjoyed a car more than this one".
"You must have the most meticulous cars and shop in all of New England..."
"Carol and I are already talking about buying our next vehicle from Sam Giammalvo's when we are ready for another car".
"My first purchase from you was a pleasant experience. There was no stress, no pushy salesmen, it was great !!!"
"We are very pleased to proudly display your name plate on our car while we have been telling others of your distinctive reputation for each Giammalvo vehicle you sell."
"Few things in many months have given me more unexpected delight than my clean - so very clean, shiny - so very shiny, Taurus!!"
"We have never bought a car without trying it out...BUT you have shown us that Giammalvo quality is special...."
"I recently attended a conference on team building and marketing.....Under the category of 'RELIABILITY, HONESTY AND COMMITMENT to service', your name was listed in the majority of cases."
"To say the least, I am satisfied with my entire experience with "Giammalvo's" and you can bet I let everyone know"

Email ...You are truly a pleasure to do business with and I would recommend you to anyone!!!!! "
...I currently am now living in Arizona and the newsletter was forwarded to me. I really like what you've done with it... 
...Just want you to know how much I look forward to the quarterly report.   It keeps me up to date on potential car problems involving today's technologies...
"...The professionalism shown by everyone I have encountered at Sam Giammalvo's is exemplary..."
"It will make a year in Dec. that we bought our Honda sedan from you and are very delighted with the vehicle..."
"I just wanted to thank you ( all of you) for the help and courteous service you showed me ........"
"I am giving a copy of your posting to my mechanic 
  because he didn't think the idle speed control would create that bucking. ..."
"I am so happy with my automobile, this excellent service is like "frosting on the cake".
There is plenty of room for your letter. Write to us at the address below or e-mail us at We look forward to placing your letter "on the WEB"

Sam Giammalvo's Auto Sales, Inc.
1476 Purchase Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: (508) 999-3213
FAX: (508) 999-1343
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