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Sam, Glenn & Mark are contributing writers for various national publications. 
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"Your View: Car repairs a constant source of woe,"
Used car buyers' guide is no help in preventing fraud
Asking All The Right Questions
So Every Now And Then...
They Just Don't Care
Bill Would Give Mechanics Information & Tools Available To Dealers
Emergency Service, What Is It And Do You Even Offer It?
Local Dealers There To Help Maximize Your Buying Dollar
And The Technology Continues Local Mechanics Fight For Repair Information
Would You Repeat That Figure Please!?
Doing The Right Thing The Right Way
Cruising With Information Lockout Buying A Used Car Doesn't Have To Be A Nightmare   
Climate Change
Drivers Want Code To Their Cars    
Phone Skills         
In Gear
Mark: Check Out These Prices!     
Getting Your Money's Worth
IATN A Valuable Tool    
He's Warming Up
The Gift Professionals Enhance The Industry's Image    
What Will Happen To All These Cars?   
Sam Giammalvo's Recognized As Blue Seal of Excellence Facility
Wanted: Good Health Care. Apply Within         
When Auto Repairs Do Not Compute
"Left front tire is worn. Recommend four new tires per factory recommendations"      

NHTSA - A Greater Resource Than Most Realize        

"Hmm, Scan-Tool. What Does It Scan Anyway?"   

No Fishing Allowed    

How Important Are Your Wipers & Washers?      

The Continuing Mystery Of Solid State Controls    

"Other Than Replacing Six  Headlamps Per Year, It's A Nice Car"  

It All Started With A Bang   

Images Of Excellence Quality and Service  

The Tables Have Turned    


Reality Check

Warranty, What warranty?

And You Thought Purchasing A New Car Would Save You From Car Trouble

Now That's A Backorder

Three Options

The Only Way To Travel Is Cadillac Style   

Lexus Revisited

Tug - O - War

Terminal Neglect

A Lot More Complicated

Learning Key

Half A Tune Up

A Matter Of Choice

A Year In Review

Unsung Hero

Remote And Alternator Woes

Penalty Of Leadership

Tune Up Woes


Flat Rate System

How Much For A New Key?

Volkswagen Woes  

How Fast Can You Go?  

To Recall Or Not To Recall?

Wire Woes

What's In A Real Diagnostic Repair Order?

Kick It Out

Nothing But The Best Of Care
Can't You Just Hook It Up To That Computer That Tells You What's Wrong?

Oh, no Langostinos!

Second Opinion   

Say Bye, Bye   

Remotes Act II Scene VI

Stimulating Test Drives  

Technician Hiring Woes

Not Looking All That Professional

Honda's Attack Against Independent Repairers And Non-Honda New Car Dealers  
How's Your Stop Light Switch?   

How Many Diagnostic Tests Does It Take?    

What Else Could Go Wrong?

How's Your Data Access?    

Monday Night Quarterbacking?

It's Not Just Ordinary Motor Oil    

Your Missing The Point

How Is Your Auto Insurance Company Treating You?    

Overpaying for Phone Service? 

Discussions Of Automotive Complexities   

Are You Too Shy?       

Automotive Repairs, The Best Deal Going     

What Is Your Discount On OEM Parts?                               

Magic Wizard

Labor Claims

Say Bye, Bye - Part 2       

"You Learn Something Every Day."

Too Many Questions?

Automotive Technology

IATN To The Rescue Again!

What's Really Covered?

Think Cars Are Getting A Little More Complicated Lately?

A Strange Industry Indeed

A Mans Got To Know His Limitations

Whatever The Traffic Will Bear

Another Item I Probably Won't Be Able To Repair

Message Delivered

Another Class Action?

What? Information Lockout Again?

Visions Of Dollar Signs
Still Looking For Students To Fill The Technician Shortage?